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For more than 25 years we have stood for high quality standards and innovative solutions in your
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Food transports
at Nord-Spedition

Food transports at Nord-Spedition

Your transport requirements are our priority. We use weight-optimized and isolated 1-3 chamber tank trailers with capacity volumes of up to 35,000 liters for food transports to provide an individually suitable vehicle for your transports. In addition, many of our vehicles are equipped with heating systems, e-pumps and compressors.

In our opinion, the quality of food transportation is unmistakably related to the equipment used and the qualification of the driving personnel. We guarantee you best quality.
Our food tankers are equipped with sterile filters for hygienic unloading of products. In addition, we offer temperature-controlled food transports. The cleaning of our tank trailers takes place exclusively in certified tank cleaning facilities. We are also happy to carry out special transports for you according to kosher or halal conditions and consult you regarding your food transports.

Feed transports
up to 35,700 liters

Feed transports up to 35,700 liters

For us, feedstuffs are on a par with foodstuffs, so that here, too, the sensitive handling of the transport goods enjoys the highest priority.

Therefore we offer you a fleet of more than ten isolated tank trailers with volumes of up to 35,700 liters, exclusively carrying out transports in accordance with the strict GMP+ B4 guidelines.

In addition, each product in our database is marked with a matching IDTF code so that compliance with the loading sequence is documented. The cleaning of the vehicles in recognized cleaners we see as a matter of course. We will be happy to advise you on your feed transports. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Chemical products
and dangerous goods

For technical transports, our fleet includes isolated 1-3-chamber tank trailers with a volume of up to 35,700 liters.

As in all our business sectors, we use the newest equipment and most advanced technology. Especially for handling dangerous goods. Our trailers are ground-operated and equipped with heating unit.
Our employees are regularly trained in handling dangerous goods, aware of the latest updates and are handling your goods always with the necessary responsibility.