modern, powerful, environmentally conscious

Strong in horsepower

We are convinced that a modern vehicle fleet is the basis for economical and
ecological success and see it as a decisive factor in terms of reliability.
in the timely handling of your transports.

Volvo FH & Renault Trucks T
The best in their class

Reduce consumption, increase efficiency, improve mobility, and the best driver environment to go with it. These trucks are made for the long haul. They score high on comfort and safety and are simply the best in their class.

A little greener every day

As the flagships of the fleet, they can be distinguished by its optimized unladen weight up to 28 t load take up without exceeding the permissible total weight of 40 t to be exceeded. An additional strength lies in the economical fuel use of the ECO liners.

Volvo FM electric
Investment in our future

The brand new FM electric is the spearhead of ecological technologies. With one battery charge, it can cover a distance of up to 300km, making it a real all-rounder for local transport.

Volvo FH LNG
For our environment

Best driving experience for long-distance traffic, with up to 20% lower Co2 emissions. And since LPG is usually cheaper than diesel fuel, you have the opportunity to reduce your fuel costs here.

1 & 3 chamber Food tankers

All trailers are made of stainless steel and sheathed with thermal insulation. In addition, many of them are equipped with heating systems and e-pumps. The barrel volumes are 31.5 m³-34 m³. In addition, our trailers allow filling to very small containers through the use of additional hose material and dispensing guns. The manufacturers of our trailers are Magyar and Feldbinder.

Technical 1 & 3 chamber tank hoists

The technical trailers from the manufacturers Magyar and Feldbinder are made of stainless steel and have the tank code L4BH to be able to transport dangerous goods. They are partially floor-operated, equipped with a limit switch and a heating system. In addition, our trailers allow filling to very small containers through the use of additional hose material and dispensing guns.

Environmental management

Environmentally friendly and resource-efficient logistics

According to this motto, we offer our customers environmentally friendly and high-quality logistics solutions for their liquid transports. Through a technically modern fleet consisting of “Euro Norm 5 and Euro Norm 6” vehicles, we were able to Fuel consumption and the associated CO 2emissions to an industry-specific Lower minimum. In addition, our fleet accommodates several ECO liners, which, thanks to their low unladen weight are able to transport up to 28 t of cargo.

EcoVadis Bronze Sustainability Medal

The ecological performance of a company is increasingly becoming a factor that determines its future.

Ecovadis is the world’s most trusted sustainability rating partner, and their ratings incorporate factors related to the environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable sourcing.

Nord-Spedition was audited on these aspects and we are pleased to have received the Bronze Sustainability Medal!



Fleet maintenance

The regular maintenance and care of our vehicles in the sister company Kfz-Service Großenwiehe ensures our high technical quality standard and guarantees a technically smooth transport process. This is evidenced by our since decades vacant failure rate.