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As a transport company, we not only contribute to supplying the population with our services, but are also aware of our impact on the climate. As a family business, we live up to our responsibility to leave a better world for our future employees through FM electric. The FM electric is therefore a very important first step towards climate neutrality.

Haakon Dias Hansen
Managing Director


The FM electric can carry transports with a range of up to 300km CO2 neutral. This saves us 0.72kg/per km of CO2. In addition, the tractors are charged with 100% green electricity.


For our FM electric, we have been awarded 80% of the additional costs by the Federal Government of Germany. This also requires that the truck is mainly used in Germany.


The driving experience of the FM electric is unique. Due to the fact that it does not make any noise, it is a pleasant driving experience, which at the same time brings fun. I'm fascinated by the new technology, which makes me even more motivated to try out and learn new things.

Mario Bott
Professional driver since 2018

You too can join in!

If you too would like to make a real contribution to CO2 neutrality today, please feel free to contact us .